[Preorder] [Naruto] Kakashi x Might Guy (Surge Studio)

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  • 정가 $8,200.00

Estimated to be shipped out in 2021 Q4! 

Studio: Yoyo Studio

Buy a pair get 500NT dollars off  Code: 500off


 Scale: 1/4 Scale: 1/6
 Height: 24.0 inches/ 61cm  Height: 16.1 inches/ 41cm
 Width: 10.6 inches/ 27cm  Width:  7.0 inches/ 18cm
 Depth: 12.2 inches/ 31cm  Depth: 8.2 inches/ 21cm
Limited amount of 188 units produced Limited amount of 288 units produced

Might Guy

 Scale: 1/4 Scale: 1/6
 Height: 22.8 inches/ 58cm  Height: 14.9 inches/ 38cm
 Width: 10.6 inches/ 27cm  Width:  7.4 inches/ 19cm
 Depth: 11.0 inches/ 28cm  Depth: 6.6 inches/ 17cm
Limited amount of 188 units produced Limited amount of 288 units produced



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