About Us

  • Our Story

Just like the native farmers that discovered Kopi Luwak (civet coffee beans), we search for hidden valuables in figurines and novelties.

We are Civet Action Figure, a registered company based in Asia, formed by a group of young people with passion and love for action figures.

We believe that art and beauty are not only found in just museums or galleries, but could also in animation works. The water-breathing from Demon Slayer, the final battle between Netero and Meruem, Itachi sacrifice for his brother; and the death of Ace and how he gave everything up for Luffy.

Fueled by passion and excitement, we hope to deliver the best quality products for those that share our passion for the animations from all over the world.


  • Mission and Vision

"Life is not lack of beauty, but lack of discovery"

With our expertise in the industry, we insist on bringing products of the highest quality and design to every corner of the world.

Beauty can be found within everything, but only those  who know how to appreciate it will be able to find it.

We, Civet Action Figure, embrace the responsibility as the pioneers of the art and beauty industry that is animation figurines.
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Email: general@civetaf.com
Instagram: @civetaf